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Here’s a Simple Solution For Eliminating Credit Card Debt

Even some of the most financially savvy people have found themselves mired in credit card debt whether it was due to an emergency, loss of a job, or simply an oversight in spending habits that caught up with them. And while millions are seeking to rid themselves of this debt to improve their peace of mind and credit scored, it requires the right strategy to make it happen.

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Your First Mortgage: Know These Six Things Before You Buy A Home

Buying your first home is unforgettable, and while you're excited, there is also an element of stress that comes with that first mortgage. Even when you do research, you may still find yourself overwhelmed with aspects such as gathering paperwork, saving money, and understanding the process. On top of that, you're looking for specific features for your future home and the list gets long! Here are six time-saving tips before you get started.  

#1: Set a budget

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FedFinancial Loan Rates - Our Transparency Pledge

Have you ever shopped for a loan on another financial institution’s website and struggled to find the interest rates? When – and if – you manage to find them, it’s only then that you discover that their rates require automatic deposits, are limited to an introductory period, or are blocked by numerous other restrictions. It feels like you’re being tricked, right?

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Just Say “No” to Restrictions with Our 1% Cash Back Rewards Platinum Visa

Most people aren’t fond of the word “no.” “Yes” sounds much better to our ears. That’s why FedFinancial Credit Union is proud to introduce our 1% Cash Back Rewards Platinum Visa, where we say “yes” to cash back on every purchase you make, no restrictions necessary.

“No’s” don’t have to be bad news though. When you use our Rewards Platinum Visa to earn cash back on all of your purchases, you can expect some of the best “no’s” in the business:

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5 Tips to Make Your 2016 Mortgage Loan Application a Success

Home ownership is a milestone that many young people eagerly anticipate, but there are a lot of obstacles to overcome between finding your dream home and moving in. Successfully applying for a mortgage is probably the biggest, most daunting step for most people.

Here’s how to make the mortgage approval process an easy one.

1. Save, save, save!

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What to Know Before You Leave Your Bank for a Credit Union

If you’ve always worked with a bank, you may be concerned about switching to a credit union. We understand that making a big switch – especially where finances are concerned – can be scary. Many people become loyal to a specific banking brand and worry that leaving will be detrimental to their financial health.

However, there are numerous unparalleled benefits that come from working with a credit union and leaving your bank behind.

Credit Unions Are Cooperative

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