History and Mission

FedFinancial Federal Credit Union was founded in 1935 as Public Health Service Federal Credit Union by a group of federal employees with one goal in mind: to provide financial products and services that met the unique needs of local federal employees, just like them, and their families. Through all stages of life, from student loans to first mortgages to retirement savings, FedFinancial continues to deliver on that promise today.  

Built By and For Federal Employees

More than seventy years later, the institution changed its name to FedFinancial Federal Credit Union to reflect its ability to serve all federal employees, retirees, contractors and their family members located in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metropolitan areas.  As a financial cooperative, the organization is owned by its members and provides low-interest rate loans, high-dividend deposit accounts, and other attractive financial services to thousands of federal employees. 

The FedFinancial Mission: You

“Created by and for federal employees and family members in the Washington and Baltimore areas, our dedication to and understanding of federal employees and their families ensures that we are the financial resource that will best help our members meet their financial goals.”