Home Equity Lines of Credit

A Home Equity Line of Credit lets you borrow up to a pre-approved spending limit. You can draw on your line of credit whenever you need it – fast. This simple approach to managing your cash flow can give you access up to $200,000, usually within 2 weeks and it is very easy to use.  You will get a very competitive rate and you may benefit from significant tax savings.*

FedFinancial’s Home Equity Line of Credit is a variable rate, 15 year loan. The rate updates at the beginning of every quarter and is based on the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate with a floor of 2.99% APR (Annual Percentage Rate) and a maximum of 18.00% APR**. You can draw on your home equity for 5 years. Payments will be calculated so that the loan is paid off 15 years from the origination date. Typical closing costs are $800 - $3,200 depending on the loan amount and property location.

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FedFinancial FCU


WSJ Prime. - 0.51%


Navy FCU


WSJ Prime + 1.00%


Pentagon FCU


WSJ Prime + 1.00%




WSJ Prime + 1.65%


Democracy FCU


WSJ Prime


The rates provided are the best rates on the financial institutions’ websites on July 12, 2018.  FedFinancial FCU requires a credit score of 720 or above to receive the quoted rate along with meeting other underwriting requirements.  Other financial institutions may have different requirements to receive the stated rates. APR is Annual Percentage Rate. WSJ Prime is Wall Street Journal Prime Rate.  LTV is Loan-to-Value.  LTV percentage taken from the financial institutions’ websites with the associated rate.


Fixed Rate Home Equity

A Fixed Rate Home Equity may be the right choice for you if you need to fund a large purchase such as a home improvement project, pay off other loans and credit cards to consolidate debt and lower payments, and much more. You will get a very competitive rate that is fixed for the duration of the loan term and you may benefit from significant tax savings.*

*Check with your tax advisor.

**Rates are subject to change and based on a review of credit history. Other rates may apply.

FedFinancial Federal Credit Union Mortgage Loan Originators are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. Our Institution ID is 404966. The following Mortgage Loan Originators are also registered.

  • Chuck Goldston, Director of First Mortgages, NMLS ID# 409371
  • Heather Gray, Director of Compliance, NMLS ID# 433750
  • Irish Dizon-Baker, Branch Manager, NMLS ID#1276207
  • Nicola DiBari, Member Service Specialist, NMLS ID#1281119
  • Authrene Hutchinson, Member Service Specialist, NMLS ID#1271418
  • Anthony Lloyd, Member Service Specialist, NMLS ID# 1687834

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