Helpful Forms and Documents

Only original signed copies of forms will be accepted. Please mail completed forms to: FedFinancial FCU, 11233 Lockwood Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901. If you do not see the form you need, or if you want to request a form via e-sign, please contact us at 301-881-5626.

Account Change Form*

Authorization to Pay Overdrafts

Balance Transfer Authorization Form

Change of Address Form

Close Account Request Form

Family Sponsorship Form*

Hardship Application Checklist

Overdraft Privilege Waiver of Limit

Recurring Wire Transfer Authorization*

Removal of Joint Owner from Account Affidavit*

Skip-A-Pay Request Form

Stop Payment Request

Wire Transfer Authorization*

WOW Acknowledgement

*Must submit a notarized original copy or sign through FedFinancial's e-sign system.